Nu Year Nu Me

Nu, from Nutella, get it? Considering I always pronounce it nuh-tella. Since, I’m in this blog post as a nutella. And the first art work of 2017. I didn’t even do a mistake of writing 2016 and erasing it to 7.


Self Portraiture with Nutella

First post of this year! I do not normally really ‘celebrate’ new year because I don’t like labelling 2017 as a year of something something, I want my whole life that I have to live well to be of something something. I am eternally grateful for each and everyday, Al hamdulilah.

A lot of things happened in 2016 that I didn’t plan for! Hijarbie and then my food art that started gaining more attention. According to this instagram best 9 photos, it pretty much summed up the year and the brands I worked with including, Nestle (maggi), Dominos and Cold Stone (and discovered the toppings I will forever order), my Guardian Life cover, whoop! and The Ogbono art work that won me the Rele and Samsung art competition. It was pretty eventful and at some point, If you noticed, I went on a break. I cannot come and die.

Looking forward to this year and what it has in store and most importantly, the love and mercy of Allah. Honestly, I was forced to just start posting content again due to this announcement I have to make, *drum roll****

I’m giving a TED Talk! In sha Allah.

If you have an idea of what you’d like me to add to this talk, let me know while offer lasts. I’m pretty excited about it and hope Beyonce can use me in her music video, that is not even weird at all.

That’s pretty much it.

See you soon!




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My Maggi Experience

Hi ya!

I hope you are all doing well? I wish you a fabulous week ahead, hopefully, no Monday Blues. Ha ha. I have a tale for you that might take a while, Lol.

So, over the weekend, Maggi Nigeria started celebrating their 50th anniversary and I was one of the recipients of the amazing gift boxes they were giving away to influencers across Nigeria.

Here are the items in my box, including the amazing mortar and pestle combo from The Aga Concept, it tied with the coconut oil as the most favourite items I loved in it. The items are so versatile as I’d use it for cooking, art and body care, I already used it in the first two.



And they left the sweetest message in my gift box 😀

Haneefah Adam,

Art, fashion, life – you blaze! Thank you for the warm innovation you infuse into everything you touch. The world is a more colourful place with you in it. As we celebrate 50 years, join us in our journey of creating good food moments.

Love, MAGGI.


The first thing I did with my ingredients was to create food art, because the Quinoa in my gift box was so pretty and it had a lot of potential!

So, here are Quinoa love birds nesting or chilling on Cilantro branch with vegetable and mint love bubbles.


I made a Quinoa and vegetable dish with a side of coleslaw (with no dressing), personal preference.

I cooked the Quinoa according to package instructions. Made stir fry vegetables and added Maggi Mix’py in ginger and garlic. Mixed it all together to create the dish.


And a tall glass of Iced green tea with mint and ginger!


I had a lot of fun exploring my gift box and I’m not quite done with it.

To celebrate their 50th birthday, I also created a series of food art images with them which you can view here, with some of my older works as well!

Have a wonderful evening/day!



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