Two-tone tales

I was going to write about how my glasses broke over the weekend (currently wearing my medically prescribed sunglasses and have to burn more battery by having the laptop at the brightest screen level) and weave it in with procrastination and fate and just being in the moment and getting things done but it was too hot that night (generator has closed for the day) or something and late. How are you coping with extreme weather wherever you are? The weather is quite nice this evening. It should rain already!

You might have seen the swiss roll inspired two- tone eba on my social media by now, this post is not a tutorial sadly, as I was trying out these ‘designs’ or ‘presentation’ for the first time.

It’s pretty to look at, who has time to start folding eba, it will get cold <— that isn’t me speaking.

So, I was inspired by desserts, a swiss roll and candy cane. I have a sweet tooth which makes me more inclined towards desserts, loooooove them.

Pending when I might upload a tutorial video, these links may guide you Swiss Roll Eba (just skip to the folding part, we are not baking cake, also, the frost will serve as the second color) and Candy cane Eba.

I even used a fancy filter 😉

I always love to think of and execute creative and new ways of expression and the presentation of Nigerian and African food. This is one of them. Using normal plain garri and yellow garri served with efo riro.

Enjoy the rest of your week.



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  1. It’s beautiful to look at. But really, who has time to be folding Eba? Half the time, when I make eba, it’s because I want swallow and I’m too tired (read lazy) to make anything else. So making two types and then folding won’t werk.

  2. This one would be cool for a special meal for hubby. Playing this two-tone eba game would leave him awe like “how did you make this?”really cool stuff. Tutorial plsssh.
    Your creativity is Ma shaa Allah.I’m not married yet btw. Hehehe

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