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I had to make a little getaway to Abuja over a month ago and wanted to make a fresh/ new outfit for the trip. So, during a trip to the market where I usually get my fabrics from, I saw this material! It reminded me of amethyst, purple jewel look, I wanted to use it to make lingerie initially (don’t ask me), I still have the material in fuscia pink, so I can lingerie that. Who will like to see a lingerie tutorial?!

I loved the color, the feel of it and because it looked like fluid when it moved, I could only imagine how it will look in a circle skirt! So, that is what I made. When I first wore the skirt, I wore it with another silk beige shirt for a complete evening look.

You would think because I have an habit of rolling my shirt, I’d just stick to 3/4 sleeves? No, when I have to pray, I’d like to have the option of covering my arms. I also prefer a slim fitted sleeve for a more contemporary look. Kids, cover your arms.

There was minimal styling, you could complete it with a black bag. I hardly carry more than two bags in a year, except I have a super luxury one I need to use for certain events.

Also, make up is annoying. nuff said.

Outfit details


Have a lovely week ahead!



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  1. finally someone agrees makeup is annoying and stressful….I am still trying to learn how to stick to long sleeves as I start my new modest look….Your skirt is beautiful and I wish I could own it….buff said stay beautiful

    1. I think maybe because it drastically changes my face and I can’t rub it anytime I want, that’s why make up is scum. Thank you!
      Send your address to my email. You always drop a comment, I might as well make you a skirt too

  2. Make up takes time. Plus I can’t perform ablution with make up. Please can you do a tutorial on how you sew the circle skirt. Thanks

    1. I agree. I’ll just aim for a good facial skin and regime and continue with my eyeliner, mascara and gloss.
      I should start uploading tutorials pretty soon in sha Allah. I’m about a few months. xx

  3. I agree on the make up part too. Won’t mind a tutorial on the skirt and some of ur collections and a tutorial on the lingerie won’t be a bad idea too. Looking forward to try ur tutorial on the tote bag but I don’t mind if you can help on where you got the material used from and also the skirt material. JazakhAllâh khair for ur posts.

  4. Salam alaykun…..

    You are sincerely beautiful and I really love your style,you really inspire me as a young muslimah….May Allah (s.w.t) continue to increase you in his rahma.

    Can you pls make a tutorial on how you made your skirt??

    Thanks a lot…

  5. Honestly yea, everything you wear, I basically love them all… and this whole outfit is included… why not .
    I would so love the lingerie tutorial… so I can make one for my orobokibo self … (giggling as I type this part though)
    I am loving the consistency in your posts… I want to follow your footstep when I grow up…

  6. As salam alaykum
    Yeah I got the post on the tote bag and the tutorial is self explanatory. A very big JazakhAllâh khair on that. Well I won’t mind if u share the usual market where u sourced all ur materials from if you won’t mind too.

  7. the skirt is beautiful. I can’t believe you’re self taught… mad talent. Masha Allah. please do a tutorial on the lingerie. Also, about the tote bag tutorial, you need a different needle on the machine so your machine is safe. Forgot the name of the needle but I’ll DM you on IG when I remember. Salaam alaykum.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words!
      I think just chasing the size of the needle will do just fine. The leather is soft so no damage done as well..
      Wa alaikum salam!!

  8. I’m really impressed dear sister. Your idea of relating food with art is amazing and I hope every other young muslimahs will be inspire to make use of their talent. You look beautiful in this outfit. Barakallahu feekh.

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