DIY: Faux Leather Tote Bag

Hi everyone!

Taking the blogging thing seriously again, aren’t I?

I love tote bags, they are roomy and easy to just grab and put stuff inside. I painted a dessert themed one on youtube here. And you can easily make one from scratch, it doesn’t take that much time too! It is important to use quality materials to increase their durability and final look.

The finishing is also important incase you suddenly had a light bulb moment and can sell these in form of an SME. Here is the final product I sewed, also accessorised it with a silk scarf I was gifted from Modanisa, Turkey.

You’ll need:

  • Leather (Or any material you would like to use, fabrics as well)
  • Tape rule/ Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

The denim in the picture below was just making a cameo, I was supposed to use it in binding the edge of the tote but I was afraid of what will happen to my sewing machine because I had other things to make that had deadlines that day. Lol, so, ignore it.


Cut the leather in uniform rectangle. I used 20” to 15” dimensions here.

At the lower corners, make a perfect square (3cm) cut out.

Sew all three sides together as shown before (excluding cut out).

To make the bottom part, open it up and align the part not sewn together diagonally, as shown below. Sew it together.

Sew up the edge to make it neat and attach a thin strap to the handle. I used contrasting threads to make it a little bit more interesting.

Don’t carry this to a crowded Nigerian market, at least not with your valuables in it. You’re welcome

Is this something you’d like to try? Do share your thoughts.



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  1. Will really love to try this. Am sure my new machine will do justice to this in sha Allah. May Allah continue to bless you.

  2. would love to try this but I presently have zero skills on sewing so I am going to save it till I get my sewing skills right……Looks very beautiful though

  3. I would so love to try this but I know it’s won’t be that simple for a beginner… Still,it would be worth it though if I don’t mess up wasting all the fabrics. Imagine making customized Hanie Tote Bags ???Well well, think about it

  4. Yeah, I would love to try this also but with a soft leather material. It’s challenging to sew bags with thick leather materials using a manual sewing machine. So in shaa Allah, when I get the industrial one for bags, I will explore moooooore. Thanks for the tips Hanie.

  5. Nice one,@halima if U’re sewing directly on a leather and the machine doesn’t want to move,
    1.increase the stitches a bit,just a bit then
    2.apply Machine oil on the part u wanna sew.

  6. Love your creative work. I haven’t sewn with leather before but might give this a try 🙂 Just followed you on Instagram, great to find other hijabi sewing bloggers!

  7. I absolutely love this and gonna try it soon in shaa Allah, doubt my domestic sewing machine can sew leather though but I’ll try it on denim. Tnx Hanie

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