World Jollof Day

Hi Guys!

This is kind of like a two blog posts in one, you’ll see why soon enough.

So, by now, you’d have seen this tweet

With already 200k impressions, It was a trending topic in Nigeria on twitter.

*inserts children cheers*

I decided to bless blogosphere with the images as well and talk about it in more details as well.

World Jollof Day was celebrated by Maggi on the 21st of August, although some people argue the WJD is on the 22nd. Who cares, we are celebrating a national monument, regardless.

So, these images were created to mark the day and was also on exhibition at A White Space, Lagos, along with other images of Jollof. It was a collaboration between Maggi and Kitchen Butterfly that I was happy to partake in.

The Jollof Rice were created, not only to celebrate the day itself, but some Nigerian factors as well. I created Jollof Rice ‘in’ National Theatre, Lagos, it is a national monument and I think I’ve been there once before but won’t remember details. Bringing these two Nigerian ‘monuments’ together inspired the art work behind it.


Creating this map of the world, I had just one Caption in mind, “Jollof for World Peace”. Apt one, don’t you think? Putting that flowery scotch bonnet where Nigeria is, was to give preference to the kind of Jollof I would want, Nigerian Jollof. I’m kidding. Haha. You know how we Nigerians are always beefing Ghana Jollof for bants. The Jollof rice is predominant in West Africa and it is prepared differently but with the same underlying and unifying recipe, in terms of outlook. During the WJD, the history was discussed and it was nice to know some fun facts about our most popular dish.


I’ve wanted to try portraits in all the mediums I use and I mostly start with a woman’s, I don’t know, maybe because I am one. “Jollof is bae” and it resonates with all kinds of Nigerians. How many food items can you pinpoint in the art work?


I have done Nigerian food typography here, and although the Jollof rice featured, but it was in a ‘party mix’. Making this typography is just to spell it out, and there is an appeal to seeing materials in their medium of typography to me, I think typography is what I’ll do for a very long time. They are just awesome.

jollof rice typography

The Jollof art has been featured so far on CNN Africa,

So, that part where I said this post was two in one?

Here is a recap of my weekend! Courtesy Maggi, You’ll get all the details in the video below.

Enjoy the rest of your week,



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Lotus Eid Promo!

Salam alaikum (peace be on you) guys!!

I had the most lovely week ever! I think I called it from the beginning of the week when I put up this blog post.

So, the very lovely people over at Lotus Capital Limited have a Eid giveaway promo! And it involves winning a ram, if you are chosen. If it is written. If it is destined. If it i… Okay, lets just continue.


To get the opportunity to win the ram, you need to invest a minimum of N20,000 in either the Lotus Halal Investment Fund  or the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund from now till September 6, 2016. At the end of the promo period, a draw will be conducted to pick 20 investors who get to win a ram each. The rams will be delivered to the winners at any address within Nigeria.

Its a win-win if you ask me.

The Lotus Halal Investment Fund is a shari’ah compliant fund investing in a diversified portfolio of equity, real estate and fixed income securities. The aim of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation over the medium to long term.

On the other hand, the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund does not invest in the stock market. The fund is designed for investors with a low risk appetite and who are looking for competitive returns in the short to medium term. The Fund invests in Shari’ah-compliant fixed income instruments such as profit sharing transactions and Islamic bonds. The Halal Fixed Income Fund is an excellent investment vehicle for savers who need to set aside funds for their children’s school fees, deposit to buy a house or car, start a business and other personal needs.

Investing in a fund allows investors to focus on their jobs/businesses while a professional fund manager manages their investments on their behalf. This is especially helpful if you do not have the time, expertise or the resources to build and monitor your own investment portfolio.

We are happy to answer any questions from the public and can be reached via or on 01-2914624/ 08077099553/ 08077 099 551. Investors can also come to our office at 1b, Udi Street, Osborne Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi or log on to our website at for more information.

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I hope you had an amazing weekend, I’m just looking forward to week ahead and the good it has in stock! I’m going to be in Lagos Thursday for a leadership and entrepreneurship summit in Lekki, in sha Allah (God willing), there will be more details on my twitter shortly.

So, while I was in Lagos, about two months ago, shortly after my Istanbul Fashion week trip, I talked about it here.

I had a mini photoshoot with Roqeebah O of She was a very pleasant person to work with as I am probably the worst subject to photograph as I have zero patience. We met up at Rele Gallery where my art was in an exhibition.





And that was me with random things in the picture. Guess who had a shoot that day too?

Yup, hijarbie!


Heading out that day, I decided to go with a monotone look and have the super amazing gold patterned hijab with tassels do the major work. The shirt is a UK size 24 by the way, because I wanted to go for a oversized chic look, paired with the cream pleated palazzos.


And a nice simple barely dare heeled sandal to complete the look.



We later went out for coffee and had more photo shoots there while I was exploring my Samsung phone I just recently unboxed.

But first, I had to take a picture of my carrot cake and coffee first.



Shirt: Marks and Spencer

Pants: Al Marwah, Turkey

Hijab: Muslima wear, Turkey. Shop this hijab here


Have a great week ahead!



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