Off the Shoulder

I bet you didn’t think you could rock this off the shoulder trend, did you?

If you like to experiment with some wardrobe staples, like me sometimes, that you won’t normally wear, ‘alone’, if you know what I mean, like this off the shoulder outfit or a crop top, then this way you can keep the modesty thing going on while not having cold shoulders. Get it? No? Okay :’)


I decided the way I could wear the off shoulder top was to actually layer it, for the much needed coverage of course. I made the top and pleated skirt myself. The crepe white shirt can be gotten from loads of places to be honest, just google it πŸ˜€ And I’m sure it is something most people will already have in their wardrobe, just like a black skirt. If not, what have you been wearing?!

It really adds character to a simple shirt and skirt look in my opinion and it’s a fun way to have something to talk about in your outfit. *wink*

Have a wonderful day ahead.



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  1. This is a risky one, to be honest. But you do look great. Love the pleats…

    I still didn’t receive my veil from the MID giveaway πŸ™

  2. Ma sha’Allah
    I’ll want my insha Allah to dress the way U do!!!

  3. Hmmn…it looks nice on you but I’d wear a (black) fitted turtle neck beneath instead of a shirt/top that has some volume of its own, in addition to that of the crop top. The skirt is great, though.

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