Checkpoint Jilbab

Salam alaikum (Peace be onto you)!

I hope you’re all doing well. I also pray that Ramadan has been very beneficial for you in sha Allah.

I recently received this Checkpoint Abaya as a gift from Midkollections (MID, Muslim Identity), Abuja. They have a collection of various designers such as aab and silk route of Islamic design house which are my personal favourites. They were designers I looked up to when I was trying to come up with my clothing line then. They also stock male thobes as well and kids clothing, so they cater to practically everybody.

The abaya I have on has a sporty vibe to it and I knew I had to pair it with red sneakers right away, to match the striking  red panel and to honour Naima Roberts’ She wore red trainers, Lol. I loved reading the book a lot. The abaya is light weight surprisingly and very functional sporting side pockets and side splits to aid better movement. If you are interested in getting this particular one, you can get it here. The vibrants colours are amazing! I’m wearing Slim 60. You can also just generally shop for your Eid needs on their website. As that is so close by, I’ll keep you informed of more details to how you can easily shop from them to prepare for the big day in sha Allah.

I’m also partnering with them to give away 5 Viscose hijabs for Eid! Soon, I’ll be giving one away everyday in sha Allah and I’ll be sharing more details of the giveaway soon. So, stay tuned! 😀

Outfit details.

Abaya: Silk Route Abaya here

Scarf: Silk Route Hijab here

Sneakers: Primark

Wristwatch: DW

Do have a wonderful day/night ahead.



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