Not Earning Enough Money? You Should Still Invest!

Have you been reading about The Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund here, here and here?

Lotus Capital Halal Fund

Not earning a lot of money shouldn’t mean that you cannot plan for the future. Everyone needs to save regardless of how much they currently earn.

So how do you invest if you earn a small income (however you define “small”)? –  look for an investment that does not require a lot of money! For example, with as low as N5, 000, you can invest in Lotus Capital Limited’s Halal Fixed Income Fund. N5, 000 gives you five units in the Fund, and this is way better than spending all your money paying bills! When you start earning more, you can increase your investment by buying more units.

You may find that if you strike out certain expenses that are not really necessary, you would have some money to invest which you can put away in a mutual fund like the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund.

You can learn more about the Fund by sending an email to or dialing 01-2914624/0807 709 9551.



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