What Can You Do With N5,000?

Salam alaikum!

I hope you are having a wonderful Ramadan so far! Day 1 down! May Allah grant us good health and wealth to observe our fasts and witness the end of the month and reap it’s full benefits.

A few people had questions about the last Fixed Income Fund I posted here, we are going to continue the rest to make you understand the Investment plan better in sha Allah.

I tweeted a while ago about what you’d do with N5000 (Five thousand naira) a few weeks ago.

If you got this question from a stranger, how many things will come to your mind in the space of a minute? Maybe a new pair of shoes, a meal at a nice restaurant, or that pretty dress you’ve had your eyes on at the shop?

N5, 000 may not buy you a nice pair of shoes with the current exchange rate, but it can definitely help you invest for your future with Lotus Capital Limited’s Halal Fixed Income Fund.  With that amount, you can currently buy five units of the Fund, and tie your money down to grow while you work at your job or business.

Imagine that you invested that amount of money in the Fund, and several months or years down the line, it has brought a profit that you can use to meet more of your important needs. Of course, that’s more useful than buying a piece of clothing that will sit in your wardrobe for months, unworn.

Most of the things we spend our money on are wants rather than needs.  Wants change and it is replaced by more wants. It’s a never-ending cycle of buying what you really don’t need and diverting resources away from the things you really do need, such as saving for the rainy day and investing for the future.

In a Hadith narration, Abu Huraira, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (SA) narrated that the holy Prophet mentioned the act of wasting money as one of the things most frowned upon by Allah.

As Muslims, we have a duty to be prudent, without being stingy. But we also have a duty to use whatever money that Allah has blessed us with, in the most judicious ways possible, so that we can benefit from it in this life and in the hereafter.

How best can you benefit from your money, more than investing it in a Shari’ah compliant Fixed Income Fund? You can start the investment with money that would otherwise have been wasted on frivolous things, and you also have the added benefit of knowing that your money is invested in a way that is permissible in Islam, and pleasing to Allah (SWT).

With as little as N5, 000 invested in the. Halal Fixed Income Fund, you can go from spender to investor!

You can learn more about the Fund by sending an email to invest@lotuscapitallimited.com or dialing 01-2914624/0807 709 9551.

Lotus Capital Halal Fund



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