DIY Headboard

I’d like to say a little story before I get to the tutorial part. This post comes more like in three parts, The head board, the bed frame and my own personal space.

When I finished with my masters degree, having to be away from home for about 15 months, I came back and decided to make an empty room in the compound a bedroom. I wanted it to be a giant source of posts because I’d like to make my own cloth and shoe storage, my own bed frame, my own headboard. Almost everything. Basically I want a personal space I can experiment with and it would only be me that would deal with the consequences if any arises.

For a while, I just threw the mattress on the floor like most people do and thought about ways to make a bed frame. I wanted to use Coke crates originally and thought about that for a long time and I was worried it would easily move about on a ceramic tiled floor. Then I shifted focus to car tyres. Obviously I wanted something unique, usually, as it is with most of my creations, I google if someone has done it before, but I didn’t see any tyre bed frame anywhere. There were lots of unconventional materials used in some but no tyres. So I decided to give it a try.

You see, I got all the 12 tyres I used for free. In Nigeria, vulcanisers have tons of tyres they aren’t using. Some might want to collect a token for ‘helping’ you and that’s okay.

I brought them home, washed them (it was during harmattan when water was scarce, started to think if it was worth it 😂). Dried them and sprayed with a gold spray paint. And I ran out of it and couldn’t get another gold spray because shoprite no longer had it in stock. That explains the bottom middle one that is not spray painted. On both sides, lets just say that is a design.


And that is it! My repurposed bed frame. There are a lot of things I can still do with (to) it.

To the Post now:
If you’d like to make your own headboard your self, here’s what you’ll be needing.

  • Thin foam
  • Thick cotton fabric
  • Strawboard
  • Pin tacks
  • Adhesive Wall tacks


  • Cut the strawboard 10″ by 10″
  • Cut the thin foam with the above dimensions but leave an allowance of .5″
  • Cut the fabric with the above dimensions but leave an allowance of about 2″
  • Arrange the materials like below.
  • Pin the fabric in place with the pin tacks
  • Put it on the wall using the adhesive wall tacks.

Arrange them in anyway you want. Either with only one pattern or in an alternating manner.
Reality Check: It won’t hold. The wall tack didn’t hold up for a long time at all. So, what I’ll do (because I’ve not really finished it, I would update this post later) is actually glue it on a plywood that is about 48″ in width (so that the squares can cover it) and the desired length and just put it behind the bed.



The end.

Let me know what you think about it.

P.S. Nigerians, I did not do this project because I couldn’t afford a bed. As usual, I’m exploring the creative aspect of the project despite its crudeness, I have been putting off this post for such a long time because I do not know how the reception will be.



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  1. Lovely!! Are the tyres comfy though? And in the long run, are they good, health wise?
    The headboard thing is fantastic.

    1. They are actually comfy to me. I really don’t know about long term health effects. I’ve been using it for months now. And my body seems fine. We might just have to find out.

  2. lol. and you just had to single out Nigerians. I love how your mind works. am beginning to think of my own creative side too. thanks for the inspiration

  3. Is it comfy? And can you lay your bed ? That’s my own issue with bed frames where you can’t tuck in the sheets. Lol. I like the headboard more

    1. I can lay there very comfortably.
      I used to use pins to make the sheet stay in place. I stopped bothering. But it stays put mostly because it’s tucked in at the end and foot of the bed.

    1. It’s quiet comfy. I’m sorry I left that part out. Maybe if a large hard board (like a plywood) is put on top of the tyres before the mattress, it will go a long way to make it firmer.

  4. I just might try the headboard idea. Coincidentally, I just moved into my apartment last week and the place isn’t all done so I’ve been thinking of creative and affordable ways to spice the room up. I’ll probably send you a picture of it when I’m done.

  5. Well..I’ve always looked out for young creative Muslim ladies out there; I’ve few good ones mostly in the fashion industry. But you just did something different, and awesome as well. Bravo!

  6. This’s creative but my room got burnt recently and it got me thinking, if this is not a fire hazard? Tyres produce lots of smoke when burning. They also catch fire easily.

  7. Lovely! Great work. Keep it up. May Allah increase your knowledge and creativity. I can imagine so many artists kicking themselves and wondering how come they never thought of the things you’ve come up with. You are, no doubt, a trendsetter!

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