Nigerian Food Art

Hi everyone!

Over the past few weeks, A LOT of people tagged me in #TechMeetsArtNG competition which was being sponsored by Samsung Mobile Nigeria and Rele Gallery. So, I created the first three pieces to submit. It was actually pretty nerve racking, I loved what I made and I just wanted them to speak to the viewer as well!


Inspired by the true African beauty, What’s cooking is Ogbono Soup. Using all the ingredients of this South East Nigerian delicacy, the portrait expresses and celebrates the beauty of an African woman and her uniqueness as a vibrant and colourful spirit. She’s a beautiful strong woman that wears her deep sense of heritage with pride.  image

This art work is inspired by Fela, to celebrate uniqueness and creativity. Qualities that reflect through my art. It celebrates a pioneer and a Nigerian icon.

Inspired by our rich Nigerian culture which features and celebrates indigenous music and dance, the hibiscus plant (Zobo) is used in three ways, as a paint, in its droplets liquid form (Like this coke art) and the dried purple Zobo leaf on it’s own.

I first submitted Ogbono woman, two weeks ago, and made the Jollof Art while waiting for an update on the competition. The Jollof art was inspired by John Bodega tweets about fried plantain and Jollof. Since it was Star Wars Day, I decided to make something. I recorded the whole process on my snapchat, I almost gave up actually. Spent a whole day making it (05/05/2014) and planning just the day before (04/05/2016). It was really worth it as he prayed for me (on twitter) about my kitchen overflowing with Jollof and reposted it on his instagram as well! I’d love to frame it for him though.


And since A LOT of people wanted to see it submitted as well, I inquired about multiple entries, and just went with it, with this caption:

This artwork is inspired by John Boyega as a Nigerian actor and his vocal love for Jollof rice and fried plantain. He’s the first person of color of play a stormtrooper in the Star Wars Franchise and this art work celebrates him. Everybody loves Jollof.


What I learnt while making these is that, although I have been making mixed media art involving food, plants and other solid items, I never fully explored Nigerian dishes/ food for my food art, the possibilities I discovered now are amazing! Looking forward to exploring the food medium more.



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  1. Hi.. These are so nice!! Would love to have a framed photo of the ‘Ogbono Soup’ in my kitchen..

    Well done and all the best!

  2. Someone should please tell this is the same Haneefah that I knew back then. She just keeps evolving and evolving in her creativity and when you are convinced that you’ve seen the best of her, she comes up with yet another outstanding piece. Astonishing!! May Allah continue to bless you..

  3. I read this piece on and I HAD to come to your website.

    #1. Well done on having your own website.

    #2. Abeg, copyright these images. Make it a business. I see Merchandise galore: t-shirts, logo, tote bags, puzzles, coloring books, cooking books, etc.

    You are very good at what you do and the design for your site is elegant in its simplicity

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