Milli Crepe Cake

Salam everyone!

It’s been an eventful previous week for me, I had to spend a whole day filming a documentary and interview with Reuters about hijarbie. And spent the next two days resting because it was really hard for me.

This week, after yesterday’s holiday, I’m back to the regular grind! Preparing for my trip to Turkey for Istanbul Modest Fashion Week and putting finishing touches on Hanie Collection that is going on sale soon. Also, to kickstart this week, I’m posting a birthday cake I made for my sister, Hameedah, in March.

The oven was faulty then, and instead of buying her a cake, I told her we can make a milli crepe cake for her, which turned out to be something else and me secretly wishing I had just gotten that super normal sharable-to-everyone cake.

The crepes weren’t even the problem, it was the frosting I was to use for the cake. I recommend you fast so as not to be tempted to keep consuming the crepes as they are cooking, It is like dodo. Instead of the frosting to come out looking stiff to support the crepes, it was very liquid-y and let’s just call it cream cheese syrup or sauce now.

I love the Ombre effect and had to use it in the cake to add some color and interesting look to it. Hopefully, I would try this again!

I used icing sugar, cream cheese and unwhipped cream (although I later got around to getting them whipped in the future with ijabe) to make the frosting. Wrong method, wrong consistency, wrong frosting. I would try the frosting again later. It looks like this


If you ‘get’ it, it makes for a pretty unique cake that is delicious. Crepes and frosting is NOT a bad idea. I think my sister likes it or she hid her disappointment well, next time, we would just buy a cake. Even though I am the only one who gets a bought cake in the family, I bake for everyone else.

It can’t hold till the next day unless it is frozen, but where is the fun in that?

See you soon,




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