HalTV Habibi Ramadan Season 2

Salam alaikum.

I am always shy to do things like these and for me to do this, it means it is very close to my heart and I would really love all the support this can get.


So, I came across HalTV last Ramadan and used to watch all their video uploads on youtube, infact it got my housemate emotional (I kind of knew about it through her and on instagram)! They are a muslim lifestyle TV show which boasts of various segments of Habibi Ramadan including Ask the Muslims (my favourite), 100 Muslims 1 question, Friday Khutbah, Iftar with the Hijabi Chef and so much more with top quality contents, I was seriously impressed and happy about it. I was fortunate to meet the brain behind it earlier this year. I loved what it is trying to achieve with re-orientation of Islam. In sha Allah, I should be joining the family soon.

Here is a video message from the Founder;

HalTV is raising funds for Season 2 of Habibi Ramadan which a lot of people have been happy to contribute to. You will see more information here, which is also the link to donate on Launchgood.

No amount is too small and this can only be done with our collective efforts.

Thank you so much as I count on YOUR support.

“The believer is like rain, wherever they go they bring goodness”





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  1. Hey Hanie! You said you shall be “doing” the family soon. Think you meant “joining”. And oh, it’ll be great to see you on Hal TV. Absolutely love what they’re doing. May Allah make them bigger.

    1. HAHA! Thank you so much for pointing that out! I am looking forward to being on the show as well! Thank you as you donate! 😀

  2. Mashaallah sis haneefah. Saw this on the blog so,i decided to watch the show on youtube and i really enjoyed it.

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