DIY Maxi Cardigan*

*also known as outer wear.

Hi guys!

I’m a huge fan of big flowy outer wear or even regular casual outfits normally, which makes this project a thing for me, and If that’s your style, you’re going to love putting this on.


It’s a project I’ve done in a while now, posted on instagram and asked if you’d like me putting up the tutorial, you can watch it in the short video below, It is super easy to do and wear. The bunching up on the neck might provide some warmth and that’s why I won’t recommend you wearing it during the hot weather, unless a fan or an air conditioning unit follows you around.



I loved wearing it actually as it provides some coverage to a fitted maxi gown I was wearing underneath. Let me know what you think.



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DIY Eyeliner

Hi Everyone!

I’m always down to experiment with all natural beauty products and find ways to incorporate them. This post is about a super easy to make home made eyeliner that I am currently loving. Although, you can make yours in black, I went for something different with a brown eyeliner. It involves the amazing coconut oil.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Cocoa powder (for brown); Activated charcoal (for black)

In ratio of 4:8:1, you’re going to thoroughly mix the ingredients and store in an airtight container to use for future use. It smelled delicious too! 😀 If you’re using the activated charcoal which isn’t the regular charcoal, use the 4:8:4 ratio, 4 capsules.

Here I am wearing it, Took a selfie with my phone


Wearing a Daniel Wellington Wristwatch, you can get 15% off by using my unique code HADW2 at check out!

If I used the activated charcoal, the eyeliner will be totally black, but because I am brown myself, It wasn’t that noticeable, but I love it, If anything, the coconut oil is conditioning my eyelashes and has a bright makeup look to it.



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Liquid Medium Art (with Coca Cola).

Salam alaikum guys!
The start of this week has been so busy for me (for someone that doesn’t have job, I don’t know how this happens). I want to announce the winner of the Palazzo Giveaway before we move on to the post because it should have been done earlier.

5 People entered and I listed them in the random number generator according to the sequence at which the hashtag was posted.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.00.35 PM

And the 4th person to share the #MuslimahanieDIY on social media was @ameenaha73. So, email  me!! 😀





If you follow me on social media, you will know that I post some pretty cool arty stuff. I have been using mixed media which involves plants or food to make art for over two years now. I remember when I started with maize and beans, Oh what glorious memories…

So, recently, I dabbled into a new medium; Liquid. I made an art work entirely of liquid, not in a dried state but while it is in droplets. I can’t wait to see what I can do with it in the future! Posted it on twitter with 22,000 impressions, hopefully still counting!

I used the coke to create a bottle of coca cola art because that was the first thing that occurred to me to do with it. It was not honey, a lot people thought so actually. Then I also made a fro picture too which I really think I can improve upon. But it was pretty much a nice ‘discovery’ 😀

image image


There you have it. I would be creating a page soon in sha Allah, in form of a gallery to put up all my artworks as I make them without the necessary hassle of a blog post, just pictures. You will be able to view it here.

See you soon,



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HalTV Habibi Ramadan Season 2

Salam alaikum.

I am always shy to do things like these and for me to do this, it means it is very close to my heart and I would really love all the support this can get.


So, I came across HalTV last Ramadan and used to watch all their video uploads on youtube, infact it got my housemate emotional (I kind of knew about it through her and on instagram)! They are a muslim lifestyle TV show which boasts of various segments of Habibi Ramadan including Ask the Muslims (my favourite), 100 Muslims 1 question, Friday Khutbah, Iftar with the Hijabi Chef and so much more with top quality contents, I was seriously impressed and happy about it. I was fortunate to meet the brain behind it earlier this year. I loved what it is trying to achieve with re-orientation of Islam. In sha Allah, I should be joining the family soon.

Here is a video message from the Founder;

HalTV is raising funds for Season 2 of Habibi Ramadan which a lot of people have been happy to contribute to. You will see more information here, which is also the link to donate on Launchgood.

No amount is too small and this can only be done with our collective efforts.

Thank you so much as I count on YOUR support.

“The believer is like rain, wherever they go they bring goodness”





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Love Yourself*

About Love.

To simplify things, you know how you love something, you’re biased towards it and want what is best for it? You should do that to yourself, I mean, both body and SOUL. You do that by choosing the right path for your well being, especially your mind. If you already love yourself, congratulations.

It also includes loving yourself the way Allah (SWT) created and wonderfully made you. Embracing your flaws and working on them to make yourself a better person. Even though you don’t have to apologise for who you are, like in all things, moderation is key.

Try and also love yourself at your lowest because if you are strong enough to surmount your personal challenges and struggles, that just makes you badass.

Take these beautiful verses for example;

Ash-Shams 7-10.

…And I swear by the soul and Him who made it perfect**. Then He inspired it to understand what is right and wrong for it; He will indeed be successful who purifies it, And he will indeed fail who corrupts it…

(Translated using the iQuran Lite app, On Android and iPhone)

**See how you are already perfect the way you are, God said so.

Which reminds me of a whole lot of another talk about purifying one’s heart and staying away from the Diseases of the heart (no, not CAD disease or hypertension)

If you aren’t happy with yourself, you don’t need to see anything wrong with people who do, who knows how long it took them to get to the place they are right now?

I feel this whole write up is more like a reminder to myself, an experience earlier this week inspired it. I’m in a place where right now, even if a lot of things are not ‘working’ out, a whole more is working out and I choose to focus on that and be happy about it. I just want to continue trying to be good, keep my head and soul clear to allow for light. The less you think about what people think (both good and bad, especially bad). The happier you are for it.


(the sign off)

Haneefah phonto

*Not in any way affiliated to Justin Beiber.

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Waffle Fruit Bowl


This recipe is too simple that I feel I have to apologise for it. Have you entered for the Palazzo giveaway? If you haven’t, you should check for details in this post. So, I couldn’t sleep, its 3am and I just decided to post this and maybe get on with something else.

This is something you can quickly whip up and can also satisfy raging cravings at the same time. It’s colourful and would make for an interesting and totally guilt free snack.


Back to the tutti frutti bowl, although, you would probably normally want to eat an ice cream in a waffle bowl, I know I would, you can as well throw together a healthy alternative and have loads of fun with it too.

For this, you basically just need a waffle bowl, flavoured greek yoghurt and your favourite fruits cut into small pieces. Here, I used mango, kiwi fruit, strawberry and banana.

And that is all. It is seriously delicious. Try this. Enjoy it. And do have a colourful day ahead!




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DIY Palazzo Pants

Salam alaikum guys.

I have been seriously adopting a more loose casual mode of dressing these days, I have always loved oversized clothing and the heat has been a really nice excuse for wearing something super light.

The fabric has to be right and not opaque and free enough not to make ‘fit’-nah. Get it? No? Okay :’)

So, I decided to put up a tutorial where you can make your own palazzo pants and give out a free pair as well. Their movement in the breeze is awesome and when wide enough can be tricked into looking like a skirt! Palazzos are just awesome.

All. That. Sun.



You need:

– 3m of printed fabric
– Some rope or ribbon to use as the waistband
– Pins
– Black thread
– A seam ripper
– A sewing machine

How to:

Fold your fabric four-way (in half and then another half; so that you have four layers of fabric). Grab a trouser you previously own, fold in half as shown above and trace to draft a pattern. Make sure the “side” of the trouser has to be folded while the inner part of the trouser is where you cut. Cut the inner part in a straight line (not tapered).

You can also fold a fabric in half and cut it twice, your call.

In the middle of the waist band, rip a few stitches and insert your ribbon tying the ends together in a bow or knot.


That’s it basically.

If you have any further questions, you can comment below or contact me.

To win yourself a pair of printed palazzos, I’m nice, aren’t I? Simply post any of the pictures in the post where I am wearing the pants (choose a really nice picture 😀 ) and post either on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #MuslimahanieDIY and tag me so that I can see it. It would be nice to share the link to this post also.

A winner is chosen at random and contacted during the end of a week in sha Allah.

See you next time!



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Hello There!

Below is a short video explaining my major absence from blogging and what I have been up to the past few months.

I swear, I was not trying to show off shoes, that was just where the lighting was best (It was coming from all ‘planes’).


Thank you for watching!



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