Nu Year Nu Me

Nu, from Nutella, get it? Considering I always pronounce it nuh-tella. Since, I’m in this blog post as a nutella. And the first art work of 2017. I didn’t even do a mistake of writing 2016 and erasing it to 7.


Self Portraiture with Nutella

First post of this year! I do not normally really ‘celebrate’ new year because I don’t like labelling 2017 as a year of something something, I want my whole life that I have to live well to be of something something. I am eternally grateful for each and everyday, Al hamdulilah.

A lot of things happened in 2016 that I didn’t plan for! Hijarbie and then my food art that started gaining more attention. According to this instagram best 9 photos, it pretty much summed up the year and the brands I worked with including, Nestle (maggi), Dominos and Cold Stone (and discovered the toppings I will forever order), my Guardian Life cover, whoop! and The Ogbono art work that won me the Rele and Samsung art competition. It was pretty eventful and at some point, If you noticed, I went on a break. I cannot come and die.

Looking forward to this year and what it has in store and most importantly, the love and mercy of Allah. Honestly, I was forced to just start posting content again due to this announcement I have to make, *drum roll****

I’m giving a TED Talk! In sha Allah.

If you have an idea of what you’d like me to add to this talk, let me know while offer lasts. I’m pretty excited about it and hope Beyonce can use me in her music video, that is not even weird at all.

That’s pretty much it.

See you soon!




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Lotus Eid Promo!

Salam alaikum (peace be on you) guys!!

I had the most lovely week ever! I think I called it from the beginning of the week when I put up this blog post.

So, the very lovely people over at Lotus Capital Limited have a Eid giveaway promo! And it involves winning a ram, if you are chosen. If it is written. If it is destined. If it i… Okay, lets just continue.


To get the opportunity to win the ram, you need to invest a minimum of N20,000 in either the Lotus Halal Investment Fund  or the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund from now till September 6, 2016. At the end of the promo period, a draw will be conducted to pick 20 investors who get to win a ram each. The rams will be delivered to the winners at any address within Nigeria.

Its a win-win if you ask me.

The Lotus Halal Investment Fund is a shari’ah compliant fund investing in a diversified portfolio of equity, real estate and fixed income securities. The aim of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation over the medium to long term.

On the other hand, the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund does not invest in the stock market. The fund is designed for investors with a low risk appetite and who are looking for competitive returns in the short to medium term. The Fund invests in Shari’ah-compliant fixed income instruments such as profit sharing transactions and Islamic bonds. The Halal Fixed Income Fund is an excellent investment vehicle for savers who need to set aside funds for their children’s school fees, deposit to buy a house or car, start a business and other personal needs.

Investing in a fund allows investors to focus on their jobs/businesses while a professional fund manager manages their investments on their behalf. This is especially helpful if you do not have the time, expertise or the resources to build and monitor your own investment portfolio.

We are happy to answer any questions from the public and can be reached via or on 01-2914624/ 08077099553/ 08077 099 551. Investors can also come to our office at 1b, Udi Street, Osborne Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi or log on to our website at for more information.

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Ramadan is a great time to reflect on our deeds.

It is a time when good deeds are more pronounced and wrongdoing is minimized. In this blessed month Muslims try to improve on many key areas of their lives such as sincerity, prayers, charity and kindness. Often, some Muslims overlook the issue of sustenance. Nowadays haram sustenance has become widespread and it manifests in corruption, kickbacks, speculation, lotteries and riba to mention a few.

As the holy month comes to a close, it is important for Muslims to reconsider their source of livelihood and make attempts to avoid haram.

To this end, Lotus Capital has established a fixed income fund, which is graded halal by its Shar’iah advisers. The fund can serve as a good starting point for Muslims who are trying to safeguard their investment earnings from haram.

You can learn more about the Fund by sending an email to or dialing 01-2914624/0807 709 9551.

May Allah accept our good deeds this Ramadan and multiply our rewards, Ameen.

Lotus Capital Halal Fund



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Ruh Collective X BrimahAndJohn

Salam alaikum!

I hope you’re all doing well. Being a follower and admirer of modest fashion for a very long time. I am always excited when I come across gems.

Ruh Collective was one of them. I was part of those that had an exclusive sneak peek to the collection, it is now available to the public :D. Their values are amazing Ma sha Allah.

These are just few of my favourites (It means if I could buy any piece from the whole collection, I’ll be choosing these, starting with the jumpsuit!). You can view the whole collection here and their collaborations with designers.

The outfits are hereherehere and here. Most of them are up for pre-order.

They also do collaborations with designers. BrimahAndJohn however, documented a fashion story using clothes from Ruh Collective, Covetous: The Lady + The Thief.


It was a striking narrative about a blissfully unaware lady, who constantly had prying eyes, the thief, on her, till she was overpowered by that hidden but ever present force. She interpreted it as the Lady being the world, Dunya and the thief being death. Death being a fact of life we sometimes ignore or pay little attention to but can creep up on us at any time.


She threw it open for interpretation, and I interpreted it to be a person and the evil eye. Which we are ‘blissfully’ unaware of.

Evil eye, Isabat al-’ayn, is a common belief that individuals have the power to look at people, animals or objects to cause them harm. It is tradition among many Muslims that if a compliment is to be made one should say “Masha’Allah” (ما شاء الله‎) (“God has willed it.”) and also “Tabarakallah” (تبارك الله‎) (“Blessings of God”) to ward off the evil eye. Reciting Sura IkhlasSura Al-Falaq and Sura Al-Nas from the Qur’an, three times after Fajr and after Maghrib is also used as a means of personal protection against the evil eye. –Wikipedia

May Allah protect us always.



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Not Earning Enough Money? You Should Still Invest!

Have you been reading about The Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund here, here and here?

Lotus Capital Halal Fund

Not earning a lot of money shouldn’t mean that you cannot plan for the future. Everyone needs to save regardless of how much they currently earn.

So how do you invest if you earn a small income (however you define “small”)? –  look for an investment that does not require a lot of money! For example, with as low as N5, 000, you can invest in Lotus Capital Limited’s Halal Fixed Income Fund. N5, 000 gives you five units in the Fund, and this is way better than spending all your money paying bills! When you start earning more, you can increase your investment by buying more units.

You may find that if you strike out certain expenses that are not really necessary, you would have some money to invest which you can put away in a mutual fund like the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund.

You can learn more about the Fund by sending an email to or dialing 01-2914624/0807 709 9551.



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How Safe is Your Child’s Financial Future?

Salam alaikum!

Most people will answer this question by saying that they have opened a junior savings account for their child since birth, and put in every monetary gift the child has received. If you are one of such parents, that’s pretty impressive!

Between paying continually rising school fees, house rent and feeding, it is easy to get so caught up in meeting the present needs of our children, that one may not be able to set money aside for their future.

Planning for the child’s future is equally as important as caring for them while they are growing. Opening a savings account for them is merely the first step in helping them build a financially secure future.

As a savings account yields little to no profit, it may not satisfy your desire to leave a legacy for your child. .

So what is better than saving money in a bank account for your child? Investing in their name! A Shari’ah compliant fixed income fund like the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund will do more than save your child’s money. It offers you a means of building wealth for your child before they are able to build it for themselves.

Think of all the ways that an investment can help your child in the future. The profits that a halal investment plan yields can go towards paying some of their school fees, buy them a home, pay for their wedding or help them start a business. Children whose parents have made investments for them have a better chance of having a financially secure future, more than their peers.

As human beings, we don’t like thinking about the negative, but as Muslims, we know that “every soul shall taste death”. What happens to young children who unexpectedly lose their parents? How do they survive in life without the people who worked and earned money on their behalf? Life’s unexpected occurrences is the reason financially savvy parents invest for their children. You don’t expect to die or fall ill, but if it were to happen, you wouldn’t want your children to suffer.

In a hadith narrated by Umar, a companion of Prophet Muhammad (SW), the Prophet used to sell the dates of the garden of Bani An-Nadir and store so food for his family that would cover their needs for a whole year. The Prophet planned in advance for the welfare of his family, and so should any Muslim parent.

With as low as N5,000, you can invest in Lotus Capital Limited’s Halal Fixed Income Fund for your child, and help them start their lives with a healthy nest egg.

You can learn more about the Fund by sending an email to or dialing 01-2914624/0807 709 9551.

Lotus Capital Halal Fund

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying Ramadan so far in sha Allah.



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What Can You Do With N5,000?

Salam alaikum!

I hope you are having a wonderful Ramadan so far! Day 1 down! May Allah grant us good health and wealth to observe our fasts and witness the end of the month and reap it’s full benefits.

A few people had questions about the last Fixed Income Fund I posted here, we are going to continue the rest to make you understand the Investment plan better in sha Allah.

I tweeted a while ago about what you’d do with N5000 (Five thousand naira) a few weeks ago.

If you got this question from a stranger, how many things will come to your mind in the space of a minute? Maybe a new pair of shoes, a meal at a nice restaurant, or that pretty dress you’ve had your eyes on at the shop?

N5, 000 may not buy you a nice pair of shoes with the current exchange rate, but it can definitely help you invest for your future with Lotus Capital Limited’s Halal Fixed Income Fund.  With that amount, you can currently buy five units of the Fund, and tie your money down to grow while you work at your job or business.

Imagine that you invested that amount of money in the Fund, and several months or years down the line, it has brought a profit that you can use to meet more of your important needs. Of course, that’s more useful than buying a piece of clothing that will sit in your wardrobe for months, unworn.

Most of the things we spend our money on are wants rather than needs.  Wants change and it is replaced by more wants. It’s a never-ending cycle of buying what you really don’t need and diverting resources away from the things you really do need, such as saving for the rainy day and investing for the future.

In a Hadith narration, Abu Huraira, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (SA) narrated that the holy Prophet mentioned the act of wasting money as one of the things most frowned upon by Allah.

As Muslims, we have a duty to be prudent, without being stingy. But we also have a duty to use whatever money that Allah has blessed us with, in the most judicious ways possible, so that we can benefit from it in this life and in the hereafter.

How best can you benefit from your money, more than investing it in a Shari’ah compliant Fixed Income Fund? You can start the investment with money that would otherwise have been wasted on frivolous things, and you also have the added benefit of knowing that your money is invested in a way that is permissible in Islam, and pleasing to Allah (SWT).

With as little as N5, 000 invested in the. Halal Fixed Income Fund, you can go from spender to investor!

You can learn more about the Fund by sending an email to or dialing 01-2914624/0807 709 9551.

Lotus Capital Halal Fund



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Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem!!!

Ramadan Kareem Art

Salam alaikum guys!

I’m super grateful and thankful for being able to witness this blessed month. May Almighty Allah grant us the full blessings and mercies of Ramadan.

May He spare our lives to witness many more of this blessing and grant us Jannah Firdaus.


What would be up to this Ramadan and what are you hoping to achieve? Share your thoughts with me and I might be able to illustrate it in an art in sha Allah

The above art work done is with black tea leaves and tea stains. You can check out the behind the scenes of making the art work on my snapchat (neef.a)

Stay Blessed.



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How Should A Muslim Invest? (The Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund)

Have you ever wondered if your investment portfolios are Shari’ah compliant? Or you find the whole investment world so confusing and so, you’ve left all your funds in a savings account?

We understand that the investment world can be intimidating to an outsider. What’s the difference between treasury bills and bonds? What are bonds, and are they better than shares?

For a Muslim, there are even many more questions because any method you choose has to be compliant with the Shari’ah (Islamic law).

These days, Muslims are becoming increasingly aware of their financial decisions, and also looking for ethical ways of investing money.

Why is Halal investment important for Muslims?

People wonder why Muslims cannot buy shares in certain sectors like everyone else, or earn interest on their money in fixed deposit accounts. Under the Shari’ah, Muslims are not permitted to participate in any economic sector deemed haram (forbidden) such as companies providing alcohol, pork, tobacco, gambling, ammunition or conventional financial services.

What can you invest in as a Muslim?

There are a number of halal investment funds provided by certified fund managers. In such funds, a lot of people pool their money together to invest in Shari’ah compliant products and instruments. The fund manager sells units of the Funds, similar to shares, to investors and unlike investing in shares, the fund manager buys back those units from investors who wish to leave the fund.  One such fund is the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund.

“Fixed income” refers to any investment that pays periodic, often predetermined, returns over time. For example, when a landlord leases a property to a tenant, the landlord receives “fixed income” from the tenant. When you buy machinery on credit from a supplier with the intention to pay the cost in installments, the amount owed is “fixed income” to the supplier. These types of fixed income are different from conventional interest based transactions and are considered permissible by The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

The objective of the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund is to generate competitive returns in the short–medium term from fixed income investments while avoiding exposure to the risks associated with the stock market. The fund is particularly useful for investors with low risk appetite, short/medium term investment horizon and preference for ethical or Shari’ah compliant investments.

Lotus Social mediaFlyer 2

How is the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund different from other fixed income mutual funds?

The Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund is different from other fixed income funds as it will invest in wholly Shari’ah compliant fixed income securities, which are based on leasing and trading contracts. It will not invest in any interest-based securities such as conventional treasury bills or bonds, neither will it invest in any areas that are impermissible under the Shari’ah.

As Muslims, we have an obligation to ensure that our money is earned from permissible sources. Apart from this, we also have a duty to ourselves to grow our wealth. Savings may be good, but it is much better to take the leap and invest your money in funds that will yield profits for you.

What type of halal investments do you have? Share with us in the comments below.

If you are considering a halal investment plan, Lotus Capital Limited, currently has an Initial Public Offering for the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund and you can subscribe with as low as N5,000.

You can learn more about the Fund by sending a mail to or dialing 01-2914624/ 0807 709 9551.

You can watch the short video below if you feel the article is too long for you!



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