Coffee Rings


Has any one ever heard a quote about how the greatest things happen by accident? Me neither. But sometimes, it’s true, just google viagra history *inserts pharmacology plug shamelessly*.

Which is what led to this ring art which was just a little fun thing I did a while back.

I can imagine there are a lot of things that coffee stain rings can create, art being one of them but here are happy animals created by ‘accident’.

Watch riveting gif like videos of each of them to see the process. I was going through bored panda when i stumbled upon christmas themed ones.

*inserts terrible bear pun*

A video posted by Haneefah Adam (@muslimahanie) on

Ring Bear

"Just keep swimming"

A video posted by Haneefah Adam (@muslimahanie) on

Ring fish

Ring Snail

Have happy accidents!



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Sai Boli!

Just excuse the title as I don’t know a more apt one.

So! On the 9th of October, today, EatDrinkConnect Nigeria held their maiden food fair in Abuja and I was on ground to install a food art. A lot of times, my food art are seen only in pictures, so this was a super amazing opportunity to see the art work live. And experience it first hand. I used Boli and groundnut to achieve this art installation. Peanuts in different forms and spiced with honey and also pepper. They were all placed on paper to either protect the table or food, lol.


So, here’s a food portraiture featuring the… wait for it… President!

Hence, Sai Boli (and epa).





What made this installation awesome is that people were able to interact over and with the food because it is completely edible and they could basically eat off it. I heard a lot of, “I’m eating the national cake”. And maybe this is the only selfie I’ll ever get with President Buhari while he is still in office. Lol









And that’s it! I would LOVE to know your thoughts!



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My Maggi Experience

Hi ya!

I hope you are all doing well? I wish you a fabulous week ahead, hopefully, no Monday Blues. Ha ha. I have a tale for you that might take a while, Lol.

So, over the weekend, Maggi Nigeria started celebrating their 50th anniversary and I was one of the recipients of the amazing gift boxes they were giving away to influencers across Nigeria.

Here are the items in my box, including the amazing mortar and pestle combo from The Aga Concept, it tied with the coconut oil as the most favourite items I loved in it. The items are so versatile as I’d use it for cooking, art and body care, I already used it in the first two.



And they left the sweetest message in my gift box 😀

Haneefah Adam,

Art, fashion, life – you blaze! Thank you for the warm innovation you infuse into everything you touch. The world is a more colourful place with you in it. As we celebrate 50 years, join us in our journey of creating good food moments.

Love, MAGGI.


The first thing I did with my ingredients was to create food art, because the Quinoa in my gift box was so pretty and it had a lot of potential!

So, here are Quinoa love birds nesting or chilling on Cilantro branch with vegetable and mint love bubbles.


I made a Quinoa and vegetable dish with a side of coleslaw (with no dressing), personal preference.

I cooked the Quinoa according to package instructions. Made stir fry vegetables and added Maggi Mix’py in ginger and garlic. Mixed it all together to create the dish.


And a tall glass of Iced green tea with mint and ginger!


I had a lot of fun exploring my gift box and I’m not quite done with it.

To celebrate their 50th birthday, I also created a series of food art images with them which you can view here, with some of my older works as well!

Have a wonderful evening/day!



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Nigerian Food Typography

Hello everyone!

I made these Nigerian food typography, as we have a huge range of delicious looking food and I always think of ways to make it more visually appealing, I hope you like it.

I am only going to be posting these three ‘meals’ originally, and update them as I put them up on my twitter, instagram and Facebook accounts. I don’t want to post them at once on social media so as to give them all space to breathe, this post is to put them all in one place once I finish uploading all the typography I made. All 9 of them. I may still make more, we never know.


It is mandatory to have this fabulous combo at any owanbe (party) in Nigeria, If you don’t, I don’t know what you are attending to be honest.

Served at parties, It is a combination of Jollof Rice and Fried Rice on the same plate usually served with fried peppered chicken or deep fried beef or fish for the fit fam people. Dodo (fried plantain) for extra awesomeness as well. And any drink of your choice.

You’re welcome.


Ẹbà is a Nigerian staple food eaten in West African subregion and beyond. It is made from cassava (manioc) flour, commonly known as gar. Served with Efo riro which is this tasty and glorious nigerian soup with all kinds of meat in it, That is ponmo rolling and just being super chilled.



Suya, suya, suya. Where do I begin? The other ultimate street food. The king of all hotness, I really like hot food, I’m afraid my tongue is probably dead from all the hot spice overload. No, offence kilishi and asun. Suya is made from flat beef skewers marinated in yaji spice (which gives suya its unique taste) and grilled in open fire to be eaten with any vegetable (onions, cabbages, cucumber, tomato) of your choice.


Ewa Agoyin is a south-west Nigerian delicacy made with cooked ‘honey’ beans (ewa oloyin) and fried tomato and hot pepper sauce.


Asaro is yam pottage. It can be eaten with dodo (fried plantain).


Puff-Puff is a nigerian street food. A proud member of the small chops family. It’s basically flour-based, deep fried spongy delicious snack, soft on the inside, crispy on the outside.

*I would keep updating more typography, that is why I haven’t signed out yet*

Check my other uploaded art work page here and you could check out my instagram page here too.

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Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem!!!

Ramadan Kareem Art

Salam alaikum guys!

I’m super grateful and thankful for being able to witness this blessed month. May Almighty Allah grant us the full blessings and mercies of Ramadan.

May He spare our lives to witness many more of this blessing and grant us Jannah Firdaus.


What would be up to this Ramadan and what are you hoping to achieve? Share your thoughts with me and I might be able to illustrate it in an art in sha Allah

The above art work done is with black tea leaves and tea stains. You can check out the behind the scenes of making the art work on my snapchat (neef.a)

Stay Blessed.



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Nigerian Food Art

Hi everyone!

Over the past few weeks, A LOT of people tagged me in #TechMeetsArtNG competition which was being sponsored by Samsung Mobile Nigeria and Rele Gallery. So, I created the first three pieces to submit. It was actually pretty nerve racking, I loved what I made and I just wanted them to speak to the viewer as well!


Inspired by the true African beauty, What’s cooking is Ogbono Soup. Using all the ingredients of this South East Nigerian delicacy, the portrait expresses and celebrates the beauty of an African woman and her uniqueness as a vibrant and colourful spirit. She’s a beautiful strong woman that wears her deep sense of heritage with pride.  image

This art work is inspired by Fela, to celebrate uniqueness and creativity. Qualities that reflect through my art. It celebrates a pioneer and a Nigerian icon.

Inspired by our rich Nigerian culture which features and celebrates indigenous music and dance, the hibiscus plant (Zobo) is used in three ways, as a paint, in its droplets liquid form (Like this coke art) and the dried purple Zobo leaf on it’s own.

I first submitted Ogbono woman, two weeks ago, and made the Jollof Art while waiting for an update on the competition. The Jollof art was inspired by John Bodega tweets about fried plantain and Jollof. Since it was Star Wars Day, I decided to make something. I recorded the whole process on my snapchat, I almost gave up actually. Spent a whole day making it (05/05/2014) and planning just the day before (04/05/2016). It was really worth it as he prayed for me (on twitter) about my kitchen overflowing with Jollof and reposted it on his instagram as well! I’d love to frame it for him though.


And since A LOT of people wanted to see it submitted as well, I inquired about multiple entries, and just went with it, with this caption:

This artwork is inspired by John Boyega as a Nigerian actor and his vocal love for Jollof rice and fried plantain. He’s the first person of color of play a stormtrooper in the Star Wars Franchise and this art work celebrates him. Everybody loves Jollof.


What I learnt while making these is that, although I have been making mixed media art involving food, plants and other solid items, I never fully explored Nigerian dishes/ food for my food art, the possibilities I discovered now are amazing! Looking forward to exploring the food medium more.



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Liquid Medium Art (with Coca Cola).

Salam alaikum guys!
The start of this week has been so busy for me (for someone that doesn’t have job, I don’t know how this happens). I want to announce the winner of the Palazzo Giveaway before we move on to the post because it should have been done earlier.

5 People entered and I listed them in the random number generator according to the sequence at which the hashtag was posted.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.00.35 PM

And the 4th person to share the #MuslimahanieDIY on social media was @ameenaha73. So, email  me!! 😀





If you follow me on social media, you will know that I post some pretty cool arty stuff. I have been using mixed media which involves plants or food to make art for over two years now. I remember when I started with maize and beans, Oh what glorious memories…

So, recently, I dabbled into a new medium; Liquid. I made an art work entirely of liquid, not in a dried state but while it is in droplets. I can’t wait to see what I can do with it in the future! Posted it on twitter with 22,000 impressions, hopefully still counting!

I used the coke to create a bottle of coca cola art because that was the first thing that occurred to me to do with it. It was not honey, a lot people thought so actually. Then I also made a fro picture too which I really think I can improve upon. But it was pretty much a nice ‘discovery’ 😀

image image


There you have it. I would be creating a page soon in sha Allah, in form of a gallery to put up all my artworks as I make them without the necessary hassle of a blog post, just pictures. You will be able to view it here.

See you soon,



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